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I recently was with a friend who is a transplant form Argentina to good old Illinois. At dinner he explained that he was having a hard time with the weather here as he never knew when to bring his big heavy winter puffer jacket now that it is approaching the end of winter. This is really due to the fact that the morning could feel freezing and the afternoon can be sunny and and quite tolerable.

My response? Glad you asked! You see, here in the mid-west we need options with jackets and clothing. Here we are wearing a leather jacket form from Forever 21 Men (yes they have a men's section, and I LOVE it) I found this piece while I was traveling to New Orleans for a salon business conference. Anyway, the point here is that we will want at least two jackets. This one is a medium density, so it is great for those non freezing days that we experience.
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Alright, the second item we are wearing is a versatile henley long sleeve shirt that can be buttoned up at the sleeves when the sun warms us up. I got this one at H&M. So when the day warms up we can take off that cute jacket and have something equally as cute yet versatile enough to accommodate any temperature.
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Pair this all with some black skinny jeans like the Levis 511 we are wearing here and finish the look with some shoes that can handle any weather like these Mossimo leather uppers.
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Hope this advise helped in preparing for unpredictable weather.

Chat me up on the comments and we can extend the conversation. XOXO

Shop this mens style:

Leather Jacket : Forever 21 Men

Henley Shirt: H&M

Levis: 511 Skinny Black Pant

Leather Boots: Mossimo

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