Creating A Signature Scent Perfume.


When it came time to buy a new fragrance for myself and my hubby we scheduled a trip to the Aroma Workshop in Chicago IL. It doubled as a birthday surprise experience for him that we all really enjoyed. We (My hubby, bestie, and I) decided long ago that when birthdays came around that we would make a memory or experience instead of standard gifts.

I wanted to take a moment to walk you all through our journey in creating a signature scent...

First the scent selection

We sat down and were instructed to smell the aromas that were available and to pick out the top 10 that stood out. It was quite the experience and a bit overwhelming with the selection that was available to us but we kept on sniffing until we each came up with our top contenders.

The Mixing

Then what I will call the aroma mixologist, for lack of better words, mixed our scents together in a way that highlighted our top picks. He concocted a few different variations to highlight certain notes.

The Result

I decided to omit one note and combine two of the final options together to create the best for me. It was WAY more fun then visiting a department store for a standard fragrance. All night we kept smelling each others wrists in agreement that we smelled "so extra"! Today I gave myself a little spray from my fancy bottle sprayer and decided I had to share it with you all because I smell so damn good and such a cool experience. When we meet in person and you catch a whiff and ask what that fragrance is. I will simply respond with, "it's a James Gartner Signature Scent crafted by the Aroma Workshop Chicago ;)

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