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The struggle was so real when I had the realization that our company was going to have more and more meetings that would require me to wear a business suit. Wearing a suit has always been a big challenge as I always say "I am so glad I don't have to wear a suit and tie for work" . The time has come though as our company is growing rapidly and I must "play the role" so to speak. I declared that if I was going to have to wear a suit, that it would be in high fashion and exude my personal style. My personal style is usually a little more low key and athletic. So what is a guy to do when he wants to be ready for business, but not look like the heard of suits at the event? The answer was clear to me that I needed to find the right pieces and pairings. So, like any good gay (or fashion oriented man) I knew exactly where I needed to shop, Zara and Top Shop of course! Here are my tips...

Opt out of a classic button down shirt

The traditional button up dress shirt and tie was not going to work for me as I stated before, so I opted for a short sleeve high neck sweater instead
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Opt out of the matching suit jacket and pants

If we haven't realized the traditional is not my thing, so a matching blazer and pant just wont do. I opted for this bright teal blazer I found at Top Shop instead. It exudes style and a bit of confidence.
Modern suits

I paired it with this beautiful gray/taupe textured pant also from Top Shop.
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Find the right mens dress shoes

As the pants were designed to sit just above the ankle, a good low oxford was a necessity. I choose this pointed smart shoe by Zara.
mens fashion dress shoes

Slim Suit look was complete

Girrrrrl, I have to say, I am a changed man. The whole suit idea is not as dreadful as it once seemed now that we have made it our own to stand out of the crowd. What do you guys think? How do you make suit wearing occasions you own style? Comment below. XOXO

Shop this modern suit look

Teal Ultra Skinny Fit Blazer-Top Shop Man

Short Sleeve High Neck Sweater-Zara

Oxford Low Smart Shoes-Zara

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