Benefits Of Taking "Time For Me"

Set a timer for me

Sometimes life can seem like a big to-do list. Between work,family, and friends there never seems like enough time in the day. We all need to give ourselves a break every now and again for sanity sake and schedule out some "me time". This Easter weekend was just that as we celebrated a birthday weekend for one of our longest standing friends at The Abby Resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The intention was to be present and disappear from the outside world for a day or two.

The spa is always a sure fire win for a little rest and relaxation and The Abby has a lovely one called Avani. First we check in and then robe up.

time for me
There is a tranquility area perfect for lounging prior to your spa services. A little side note, being so relaxed after a wonderful massage I met my dear friend Jess in this area and gave her the warmest hug just after her body wrap service where she stated she felt like she "was in the womb". Just to give you an idea of the state of relaxation we were in lol. A sweet lady who was there lounging saw this embrace and went up to Jess and said "that was just beautiful". This is exactly the rest and rejuvenation we need to keep ourselves healthy and happy.

me time spa
After the lovely massage and tranquility room it was off to get a revitalizing facial. For those of you that never had a facial before, it is one of the most relaxing experiences you can have complete with a mini back, hand, and foot massage. Not to mention glowing skin as a added perk to the service.

take time for you How to make time for yourself

"Me time" does not always mean going to the spa like we did. It is a personal thing, what ever you want to do to make yourself feel recharged and like you have a sense of self. Could be a simple as reading a book, taking a walk, going to a yoga class, doing a hobby. Give yourself permission to take a day a month or and hour a week, schedule it out on the calendar.The trick is that it is a non-negotiable spot on the books and must be rescheduled if replaced by another event.
The Benefits Of Me Time

Taking time to rest and rejuvenate form our life priorities will allow us to feel a sense of self. It will re-energize our mind and body. Me time will give us a healthier mind and thus a healthier body equipped with a strong immune system. Me time is a natural sleep aid, anti depressant, and fatigue reducer.

Our personal and professional relationships will benefit as we will be a happier worker, lover, and friend.

Leave a comment below about what you do to boost your well being through me time?

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