Balayage Highlights


Blink and it will be summer. What better way to usher in the season of more light with... even more light! I teamed up with Balay Powder to produce a bright look that combines traditional foils with balayage. Balay Powder provides maximum lift and best consistency for color control.

In creating this look, I choose Flash Lift by Redken. I begins with a babylight weave foil application around the front hairline, so the brightest pieces will be around the face. I then paint the balayage between the foils, using my perfect-consistency Balay Powder and lightener mix. This will add an even more brightening effect to the overall look. The combination of the two techniques creates an ultimate balayage look, but with the added brightness and drama the foils create around the face.

You can utilize this easy technique of adding balayage between your traditional foils to create the ultimate light and bright trendy blonde for spring/summer. Balay Powder and your own favorite lightener will combine to make the process quick and foolproof.

Natural Level: 6
Formula 1: Base foil: .5oz Redken Flash Lift + 1oz 40 vol
Formula 2: Ends foil: .5oz Redken Flash Lift + 1oz 10 vol
Formula 3: Balayage mix: .5oz Redken Flash Lift + .25 oz Balay Powder Additive + 1oz 4

What Is Balayage?

How to Balayage - Step by step

1. Mix Formula 1 & 2

2. Section from the part line to the front of the ear on both sides.

3. Use a baby light weave stitch for foils

4. Apply formula 1 at base in foils

5. Apply formula 2 on ends in foils
balayage techniques

6. Work up the head and repeat on other side.

7. Mix Balayage formula 3

8. Paint the hair using balayage in between the foils
how to balayage hair

9. Zig zag section the nape and apply balayage formula 3

10. Work you way up the back using the same zig zag sections being sure to balayage the top and bottom of the sections.
balayage highlights

11. Rinse, tone, style


balayage highlights
Watch the video step by step here:


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