Take A Secluded Candlewood Cabin Vacation In Wisconsin

While it is technically spring and most folks are begging for the warm weather, I on the other hand, am looking back at our Wisconsin cabin rental from Candlewood Cabins. My partner Adam found this place on Instagram and when he went to book, it was all scheduled up for 24 months. He was fortunate enough to get a cancellation spot and it only took 12 months for us to get in.

He knew that with 3 businesses and an extremely hectic schedule, it was uber important to take mini-vacations to disconnect and reconnect with each other (good man, right?) Additionally, when we take a vacation it lessens the stress level and when we return to work we are recharged and 100% present for our team members. I always love these little trips he plans out and thought this one MUST be good as we had to make a reservation a year in advance and it totally was.

Approaching the cabins in Wisconsin

Girl, pulling up to this place was like a fairytale drive to little red riding hoods house.

Candlewood Cabins Wisconsin

Inside the hillside Wisconsin cabin

As we entered the hillside cabin we were overwhelmed with charm. The view from every window was breathtaking.

Hillside cabin candlewood cabins Wisconsin

A huge soaker tub surrounded by nature was just the ticket to allow me to escape my busy life and just be present. It's really amazing how when you take these little moments to decompress you are able to clear your mind and recharge the spirit.

Candlewood cabins Wisconsin

Activities At Candlewood Cabins

We also went on a hike with snowshoes through the hills and nature that surrounded the property. The owner was so kind and super helpful in directing us to the paths and amenities. There was no wifi in the forest, but I promise we found a better connection.

There were fire pits available as well but were not accessible in the snow. Something to note if you are on a journey in the fall, spring, or summer seasons.

Snowshoeing In Wisconsin Candlewood cabins

The take away from the romantic cabin rentals Wisconsin

When you disconnect and take moments like these to be present and recharge you come back even stronger. When we returned I had a whole new vision for life and work and had crystal clear focus.

I encourage you to take yourself a little time to disconnect and find your focus again. You may have to get on a wait list but Candlewood cabins in Wisconsin will certainly do the trick.

Book A Candlewood Cabins Wisconsin Cabin Getaway


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