How to wear a denim jacket for guys

Jean jacket for men

Gone are the days where fashion rules limited jean on jean attire as risky and taboo. Honestly, we never really did well with rules to begin with, now did we? lol. However, there are a few tips around wearing jean jackets and how to make the most impact for your occasion.

1. A jean jacket and jeans can go great together. 

Jean outfits for men

Let's just be sure they are of different colors or levels of darkness or lightness. The point is to have the jean jacket stand out, not blend in. Mix a more worn in jean or If you really want to dress it up go with black jeans. Here we went with the a lighter skinny jean by NEUW in the Hell Skinny family.
How to wear a denim jacket for guys

2. Get a good quality denim jean jacket material

The jacket in these pics was purchased from AllSAINTS. It has just the right amount heaviness and a slimmer fit that is ideal to pair with skinny jeans. You can simply touch a jean jacket to discover the quality, the density is important as you want it to hold its shape and provide a degree of warmth.
denim jean jacket men

3. Stylize your denim jacket

To create a more casual look we can always roll up the sleeves, it shows off those expensive arm accessories. Pop that collar, it gives the jacket a instant cool factor. Another method is to layer it over a flannel or a hoodie. The possibilities are endless. Here we decided on a more traditional graphic tee underneath as it was actually a beautiful day here in the mid-west, with a rolled sleeve and a popped collar.
denim jacket outfit men

Break the rules, have fun with it. We have hit a time in "fashion" where just about anything goes. One thing is for sure, a jean jacket is a must have in the wardrobe. Tell us how you wear your denim jacket, comment below. XOXO

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