Stretching Exercises

Benefits of stretching

If you are like me and work out a lot and have a physically demanding job, then you know the torture your body goes through. Whats equally as torturous is a gig where you sit a lot, just in a stiff kind of way.

Stretching is key to alleviate theses stresses. Let's take a bit to talk about the kinds of stretching that will help us have a healthy, happy body.

Types of stretching:

Dynamic Stretching

This is where we gently swing our body a bit to the limits of it's range of motion. This kind of stretching improves our flexibility but is also quite useful in warming up for exercise.

Passive Stretching

Here we take a position and hold it with the help of our other body parts or an apparatus. This is great for cooling down after a workout to reduce muscle spasms and soreness.
stretching exercises

Active Stretching

This is where we take a position and hold it there using only your body strength. Yoga is a great form of active stretching.
benefits of stretching

Now that we know some of the more common stretching types. Go out and get your life with a healthy, happy body. Comment your fave stretching moves below.💪

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