How To Keep Pravana Vivid-Fashion Hair Color From Fading

How to keep Pravana Vivid hair color fresh

Every Instagram post recently with my purple hair has had at least one comment or direct message regarding how bright/beautiful it is. I feel the love, so I thought I'd share the love and tell you exactly how I keep my color so fresh.

Pro-Tip 1: Use A purple hair dye Color Enhancing Shampoo/Conditioner

Creative vivid hair color is what we call a semi-permanent, meaning it will wash away with every shampoo. This is why we use a shampoo with pigment in it to replenish the color every time we wash. Here we are using Kera Color Clenditioner.

How To Use It

Notice that we mix two different colors here in this demonstration to get a custom ultra violet hair color that is right on trend with the pantone color of the year. Simply pump a liberal amount into the palms, emulsify together. Apply to the hair evenly, as a insurance comb through.

Final Results

purple hair dye

Pro Tip 2: Don't wash/shampoo everyday

I know it sounds kinda gross, but squeaky clean all the time is not actually the healthiest for your hair and scalp. Models don't wash their hair every day and their hair looks gorgeous despite the amount of styling that happens on a regular basis for them.

Pro Tip 3: Use a cold shot when rinsing pravana vivid hair color

By all means use hot water to shower, but when it comes to our hair and fashion color, it is recommended that a tepid/cool rinse is done to ensure the cuticle closes and the color stays put.

Special note:

For those of us that have multiple colors, may want to use multiple color enhancing products or use a tone that is close to all the colors. Multiple colors are the most high maintenance and sometimes require a professional refresh every few weeks. Something to consider when getting a vivid color.

If we know of any other color enhancing products or methods, comment them below and share the love. Until next time, keep it fresh! XOXO

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